Morpeth Market Place

22082015 Morpeth Market Place
Saturday saw Tom return to Morpeth Market Place for the second of his summer concerts there. As ever, everybody was very kind and welcoming, and he had a blast! He tried out one or two new songs on his audience this time, mixed in with some favourites. The weather was kind, and despite the forecast of thunder, it held off and we even saw a little sunshine. We'd like to thank everyone for their company and comments both in person and on "Morpeth Matters" - they are much appreciated and we are glad you enjoyed Tom's performance. Thanks too to all who bought his Cd(s), and to those who wished the had - you can buy them on this website, so it's not too late!!

Tom Wyllie Morpeth 22082015_1
If you enjoyed Morpeth Market Place, why not come along to Horton Grange Country House Hotel for one of Tom's gigs there? Enjoy some fine dining and Tom's Classical / Musical Theatre / Easy Listening Repertoire. He has regular gigs there, and the dates can be found here. In the meantime, his next public appearances are at La Torre in Bedlington on Friday 28th Aug and Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge on Saturday 29th Aug. Book your table now and get ready for some fun!

Another new venue

Tom Wyllie at Davanti Classico
Tom is well and truly back in the swing of things, after a fab weekend! On friday night, he appeared for the first time at Davanti Classico, in Tynemouth (in the station building). Many of you will know he has already been singing at Davanti Italia at Whitley Lodge, but this was his first gig at Classico. It went as well as had hoped, with lots of lovely feedback, both for his early classical repertoire, and for then getting people up and dancing!

The following night he was in Hexham at Vercelli for another great night, both in the restaurant and in the bar. It's always a fun (and late!) night with Louise and her staff at Vercelli's and Saturday was no different!

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Catch Tom for his Classical / Musical Theatre Repertoire in Morpeth Market Place on Sat 22nd August from 1pm - 4pm. Or book your table at La Torre, Bedlington for Fri 28th August or Davanti Italia for Sat 29th Aug. Hope to see you there!

He's back and raring to go!

Photo of Alpine Panarama
Tom has been yodelling away in the Swiss Alps these last couple of weeks. After temperatures as high as 39 degrees, heights of 9,000 feet and swims in a number of different lakes, he is back and ready to entertain!
Tom Wyllie on Glacier
Next up is a debut gig this Friday, 7th August at Davanti Classico in Tynemouth. Book your table and come and see the Swiss version of Tom in action! OK, so the Swiss version isn't so different from the one you already know and love - but come along anyway, you know you want to!

Jumping in to Thunersee
Then on Saturday 8th August, he is back on familiar territory with his friends at Vercelli's in Hexham - always an unmissable night! Hope to see you all soon!