He's back!

Tom Wyllie and Natasha Magee
Tom has been on holiday in France. Well, a busman's holiday to a small degree, because he sang whilst he was there with family friend Emma Djelil (see previous post).

On Saturday night he was back at Marabini's, where, it's no secret, he loves to perform. A great night was had by all, including
Natasha Magee, herself a regular at Marabini's. Natasha called in late on, in time to perform a quick duet with Tom - the Journey classic, Don't Stop Believin'

Natasha is singing at Marabini's this Friday, 2nd August, so why not book your table? Tom is back at Marabini's on 31st August, but you can hear him perform in
Morpeth Market Place, on Saturday 3rd August between 12:30pm and 3pm. His other August dates can be found here.

Tom Wyllie - International Singer!

Tom Wyllie and Emma Djelil
Tom is on holiday visiting good friends the Djelil family, who own Les Crouquets in The Dordogne, France. Emma Djelil is a talented young singer, and has just started singing on a more professional basis. We have helped Emma to source her new PA system, and so, last Tuesday, Tom and Emma performed to a lively audience in Jayac!

There was a barbecue and they sang duets together, and their own solo songs. Emma has a beautiful silky voice and, of course she sang in both French and English! By the end of the night, they had the party rocking - with a conga winding around the tables! More news when Tom returns home. His next public gig is at
Marabini's, Morpeth on Saturday 27th July 2013. Conga Les Crouquets