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New dates at Marabini's….

Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, is delighted to be able to announce further dates when he will be appearing at
Marabini's Ristorante. Please see the Gig Dates page, where there are ten dates over the next six months listed. Why not book a table? The food is top rate, the Marabini hospitality is so warm, and you know you'll enjoy the entertainment too! Look forward to seeing you there!

Another great night at Marabini's

blogEntryTopper Tom Wyllie, North East Singer at Marabini's, 17th March 2012 (3)
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, was back at Marabini's Ristorante again on Saturday night (17th March 2012). He performed a mix of Classical and Musical Theatre numbers, together with some swing and pop that got people up on their feet and dancing!

It has been Tom's practice recently to perform his audience favourites whilst introducing one or two new songs. Saturday was no different, and, of course his renditions of O Sole Mio, Isabel, Nella Fantasia and Parla Pui Piano went down really well. New songs for the night included 'Til I Hear You Sing (well - that was one he hadn't sung for ages!), Up Town Girl (Billy Joel), My Interpretation (MIKA) and, one of the highlights of the night - The Hand Jive (Grease). He invited two lady diners, to "duel" hand jive with him to great applause! It was another thoroughly enjoyable night.

Don't miss Tom's next appearances. Next one at Marabini's is on Saturday 5th May 2012, but you can see him too at Martha's Bar at The Vermont Hotel on Friday, 30th March 2012 and at The Metro Centre, Gateshead on Saturday 7th April 2012 (please see "Gig Dates" page)

Marabini's Gig Review

Tom Wyllie Sings at Marabini's Mar 2012
Tom sang at Marabini's Ristorante again last night, by special request. It was Rachel's 21st Birthday Party there last night - and a great night was had by all. Tom introduced a couplmore new songs into his repertoire again, including "O Sole Mio" and "I Love It When You Call" by The Feeling.
Thanks to everyone for making it a night to remember, including Rachel who got up and danced with Tom, and of course Giovanni and his fantastic staff!
Tom is back at Marabini's on Saturday 17th March 2012. It's a great venue with fantastic food and the famous Marabini's hospitality. Make your booking! - See more at:

Marabini's last night...

blogEntryTopper Tom Wyllie singing at Marabini's Mar 2012Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, was back at Marabini's Ristorante, Morpeth, last night. Following the success of his three nights over Christmas and New Year, this was the first of another run of three over as many weeks, and some diners had booked specially to see Tom. One couple, Mr & Mrs Orrick, who saw Tom perform in Eldon Square, Newcastle, just before Christmas, had booked to celebrate their 48th Wedding Anniversary. Tom was pleased to sing a song just for them to help celebrate such an impressive milestone! Tom would like to thank them again for their support and kind gift.
Indeed Tom was delighted to receive many compliments and enquiries last night, as he sang his mix of Classical and Musical Theatre, together with some swing and pop. He introduced some new songs (for Tom) which went down very well, including - just for Giovanni, Parla Plui Piano (from "The Godfather"). The night ended with people up and dancing to songs from Footloose, E.L.O. Take That and The Beatles.
Come and see Tom next at Marabini's on Friday 9th March 2012.