Tom Wyllie to compete in National Final of singing competition...

Tom F4StarWinner
Earlier this year, Tom entered UK Festival4Stars. He won his heat, and then he went on to win in the North East & Cumbria Final too. This means that in a couple of weeks time he will go to Runcorn, to compete in the National Final. 
He has been performing Isabel, made famous by Il Divo - or, at least, a shortened version, as each competitor is only allowed three minutes. Tom is performing in the 15 - Adult category, and the competition has seen finalists go on to do well, both in competition and in their careers. Past winners have included George Sampson and Faryl Smith. 

The Finals are being held in Runcorn on Sunday 18th November 2012.

Tom Wyllie returning to where it all began….

Tom Wyllie Sings 006 Mono
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, is pleased to announce that he will be appearing at the Bay Horse, Whickham at the end of November.

When Tom was still at college, he sang at the Bay Horse with a group of fellow students, and later returned as a guest of Tony St John's. On each occasion Tom was touched by the response he got from the locals, and is delighted that Jeanette has invited him back to sing again, in his own right so to speak.

Tom will be making his CDs available for sale with £2 from each sale on the night, going to Help for Heroes. You can see Tom perform, from about 8pm, at the
Bay Horse, Whickham on 29th November, 2012.

Tom Wyllie to perform at Eldon Square again!

Tom Wyllie Sings for Toma Fund
After the success last December, when Tom sang on behalf of Toma Fund in Eldon Square, Tom will be delighting Christmas shoppers again this year!

Last year, Tom raised £1,830 in one afternoon, and the reaction he got from shoppers was fantastic. Many of them bought his CD on the day, and later got in touch to say how much they enjoyed both his performance and CD.

Subsequently, Andrea Thompson, Co-Founder, Toma Fund said:

"Toma Fund would like to thank Tom for his ongoing help and support for our charity. Ever since Tom first performed for us in Eldon Square, "wowing" Newcastle at Christmas, people have commented to us about his AMAZING voice and talent.

If  you haven't seen him before, you just won't be prepared for the quality and power of his performance. He has people in tears with some beautiful anthems and songs, and then foot tapping and up dancing to others - versatile should be his middle name! 

Tom has already helped our charity raise thousands of pounds, and on top of that - he's a lovely, lovely young man to know and work with, and for caring so much about our cause.

Thank you Tom, from all at Toma Fund"

Tom will be performing on the
7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd of December, and his brand new CD, will be available to buy.

Throwing a new light on Tom's sound man!

Ed Wyllie the drummer
Most people who have seen Tom Wyllie perform, will know that, most of the time, one of the unsung heroes in the performance, is his brother, and sound man, Ed. 

It has to be said, Ed does a great job, and as long as you keep him fed and watered there are few complaints!

Perhaps fewer people are aware that Ed is an accomplished musician in his own right. He is a talented drummer, and is an integral part of local band, Hakara.
Ed Wyllie drumming for Hakara

Last Saturday, 20th October, 2012, Hakara were the headline band, playing at Newcastle University in the Students Union. The band play both covers, and quite a lot of their own material, written in the large part by front man Connor Robson. On base guitar is Reuben, with Greeny making up the four, also on guitar.

Check them out on Youtube, they are getting quite a following, and we're all very proud of Ed, but hope that the band's success won't stop him from performing sound man duties for Tom!

Hakara are on at Newcastle University again on 8th December, 2012 supporting Futurelights.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Elliott!

Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, Doxford Hall
Warm congratulations to Vanessa and Elliott, the new Mr & Mrs Hall! Married on Saturday at the beautiful Doxford Hall Hotel, Alnwick, Tom Wyllie entertained the wedding party, both during the wedding breakfast and later at the evening reception.

Tom Wyllie, with Vanessa and Elliott Hall
During the breakfast Tom sang some of his more "classical" repertoire, and in the evening he had people up dancing the night away! Thank you to Vanessa and Elliott for their hospitality, we hope they enjoyed their day as much as we did and wish them a very happy future together. Thanks too to everyone, especially Leanne Clark at Doxford Hall - everything ran perfectly!

19th October 2012 - Vanessa and Elliott got in touch and said

"Tom Wyllie is "A must have for your wedding day and worth every penny!!!"
We just wanted to say a massive thank you and confirm how brilliant Tom was during the day and in the evening on the 13th October on our Wedding Day. In the evening he had the dance floor packed all night! He was great; absolutely everyone loved him, a real entertainer and did a great variation of songs. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better and he is a true professional. Thank you for making our day so special."

Elliott & Vanessa Hall

Last tweaks!

Editing with Sean
Tom was with Sean Taylor , his Sound Engineer, yesterday making a couple of last minute alterations to his new CD. Now Sean is producing the final master copy, which can then go to be replicated!

We will hopefully have a date when it will be available fairly soon now.

Congratulations to Paddy and Egil….

Paddy & Egil with Tom Wyllie
Tom was performing at Longhirst Hall on Saturday night for Paddy and Egil Paulson, who were celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Tom sang at the evening reception, both before and after the meal, and had folks dancing until midnight! Paddy said "Thanks Tom, you helped make our night perfect!"

Congratulations to Paddy and Egil - nicer people you could not wish to meet - and best wishes for the next 25 years!

More news on Tom's new CD!

Tom Wyllie recording with Anna Foster Inlay
Yesterday, Tom (hopefully) had his last recording session. There are a couple of duets on the CD, and now, we can reveal for the first time, that one of the duets is with Anna Foster! You may recognise Anna as a well know local radio breakfast show presenter, but perhaps less well known is that she is a highly accomplished Soprano. Having heard the song, we can say that those who buy Tom's forthcoming second CD, are in for a real treat!

The race is on now, to get everything ready to produce the CD in time for Christmas. Watch this space for more news soon!