Hitting new heights at The Growth Foundation Convention

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This weekend Tom attended The Child Growth Foundation (CGF) Annual Convention in Northampton. The CGF is the UK’s leading charity focusing on children’s growth and endocrine issues. They provide essential help and support to children and adults with a variety of growth related problems and also fund invaluable research. The convention is a good opportunity for families to meet others with similar issues, as well as meet medical and national experts.

Tom Wyllie CGF 3
Whilst Tom and his family have been members of the CGF, this was the first time they have been to the Convention. It was a valuable and inspiring experience. Tom sang on Saturday night at the social event and raised over £200 for CGF. Here are some of the comments:

"Listening to you at the Hilton Hotel in Northampton, you have an amazing talent never stop!:-)"
- Jake Davies via Facebook

A very big shout out to our very own star that is Tom Wyllie you have such an awesome voice my good friend and many will agree on this!!!!!
- Bruce Michael Smyth via Facebook

You were amazing last night. You have a fantastic voice. Hope to see you entertaining us again next year
- Clare Wood via Facebook

I found your Nessun Dorma video on YouTube and gave Magda goose bumps again
- Bruce Michael Smyth via Facebook

We met Tom at the child growth foundation. He performed a massive array of songs. Fantastic performer, he knew how to work the crowd and keep all ages up dancing!
He’s a real inspiration to children with Russell Silver Syndrome.

- Kelly Gonsalves

An amazing performance - I had the pleasure of watching Tom perform this past weekend at a charity event held by the Child Growth Foundation. I was amazed at Tom's talent and ability, not only his amazing voice and the variation of songs in his repertoire but also how he managed to keep singing and fully entertain a very lively fan base of children at the same time! His rendition of Nessun Dorma was simply breath-taking. Well done Tom!!
- Rachel Pidcock

Thanks also to Tom Wyllie for a fantastic performance and for the donations from sales of his CD’s
- Jenny Child via Facebook

We've been listening to Tom on the way home. Great CD and fab entertainment last night!
- Thalia O’Hanlon via Facebook

Was great to meet you and your Mum Tom. You are both inspiring and gave us lots of hope for our little man's future. x
- Laura Small via Facebook

Friday night is the new Saturday night...

Tom Wyllie singing at Marabini October 13
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, was back in Morpeth on Friday night. There were a couple of large parties in the restaurant, and Tom entertained everyone with his mix of classical and easy listening music to begin with. As the evening went on, though, he upped the tempo, introducing some new songs into his repertoire too. He switched on the lights to illuminate the front of the restaurant, which switched on the diners - to get up and dance!

Tom Wyllie North East Singer at Marabini Oct 13
Tom filled the bar area with dancing, and by the time he closed, people were asking for more! Traditionally, Saturday tends to be the busy party night, but Friday was no different. Thanks to everyone for the kind feedback - including the gentleman from Essex, for whom this was his first visit to Marabini’s with Tom performing. He said how much he enjoyed the night and was impressed with Tom’s classical repertoire. He was looking forward to the long road trip home, as he left having bought Tom’s second CD “Il Divino”.

Tom will be back at Marabini’s on Saturday, 9th November 2013. Book your table now!


Tom Wyllie North East Singer entertains at Marabini October 2013
Did you miss Tom on Friday night at Marabini’s? Well, he’s back this Friday so book your table now!
Tom entertained everyone with his mix of repertoire, and had people up dancing both at their tables and at the front of the restaurant! If you can’t make it this friday, then check out his gig dates here, as he has dates throughout November and December!

Tom entertains the ladies of Cramlington and beyond...

Tom Wyllie on stage
On Thursday evening Tom performed for the Cramlington WI, to help with their fundraising efforts. Ladies were bussed in from surrounding WI’s and Tom put on a show at the Village Community Hall in Cramlington. The Hall is scene of previous amateur dramatic performances of Tom’s - as a young boy he was a member of “BATS” (Blagdon Amateur Thespian Society).

Without access to the Halls lighting system, Tom made use of some of his own stage lighting, and put on a show, which began with a quiz, whereby ladies had to guess the shows, opera or films from which the songs he sang came. A draw was made from the correct answers, and Tom gave one of each of his CD’s as a prize. After the interval (during which there was plenty of WI baking to tuck into!), Tom continued with songs that everyone could sing a long to. Despite the weather, which was atrocious, everyone had a great night, with many saying that they would be booking to eat at Marabini’s so that they could see Tom perform again!

Tom will be singing at
Marabini’s on Friday 11th October 2013.