Saturday Night at Marabini's

If you are looking for a night out with great food, atmosphere and great music, then look no further than Marabini’s in Morpeth!

Tom Wyllie, North East Singer was back there on Saturday night, and he entertained people with his mix of Classical, Easy Listening and Pop Music. By the time diners had finished their meals, they were either singing along with Tom, or up dancing. Marabini’s is unique for it’s mix of food and music, and with their friendly attentive staff - plus of course Tom, it makes for a great night out. Tom will be back there on
Friday 11th October, so book your table now!

Congratulations to Mandy and Lee

Tom Wyllie with Mandy and lee Shields, Hall Garth Hotel
Our warm congratulations to Mandy and Lee Shields, who were married on Friday! Tom provided the evening entertainment at the fabulous Hall Garth Hotel and Country Club, near Darlington.

Not only did Tom provide some two and a half hours of live entertainment, but he also provided eighties music through his PA system, whilst he wasn't singing. In addition he provided stage and dance floor lighting to set the mood for a memorable evening.

Mandy and Lee, were heading straight off on their honeymoon, but Lee did say that Tom's entertainment had exceeded their expectations - 'we couldn't have asked for better". We of course wish them a wonderful honeymoon and life together.

Tom Wyllie, Hall Garth Hotel, Lights
For anyone considering booking their wedding entertainment, Tom can provide a very attractive package, with live entertainment, music and lights. Whilst he certainly doesn't proclaim to provide a full DJ service, the personal touch he offers makes for a wonderful evening of entertainment.

August Round-up

Tom Wyllie singing in Morpeth Market Place
Whilst Tom was busy in August - this wasn't reflected on this page! So, here is a quick round up of his public gigs last month.

The previous post made mention of Tom's performance in Morpeth Market Place on 3rd August, which seemed to go down well. Not only did he get lots of great feedback on the day, but he has subsequently received enquiries about purchasing further copies of "crescendo" and "Il Divino".

Hi we bought "Crecendo" a few weeks ago in the market place Morpeth. A real treat for us to stand and listen to Tom singing! We bought this CD and wish we had bought them both!                  
- Pat Davidson
Tom Wyllie Kielder

We are working on a face lift and re-launch of Tom's website, and very much hope to be able to make his CDs available for purchase online.

On both 10th and 24th August, Tom performed at The Boat Inn at Kielder, entertaining holidaymakers at Leaplish. He sang from all parts of his repertoire and was taking requests. Regulars won't be surprised that Tom ended the night with people up and dancing! They were great nights in a lovely setting. The summer season at Leaplish has drawn to a close, with the end of the school holidays, but Tom hopes to return to the Boat Inn again.

Tom Wyllie at Marabini September 2013
31st August saw Tom back at Marabini's once again! Marabinis is never dull, and there was a great atmosphere. Tom gave an extended set of his classical repertoire, and was in good form.

Tom Wyllie singing Happy Birthday at Marabini
Tom's family were there celebrating his Dad's birthday, so it was a great opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to his Dad, and put the traditional Sombrero on his head!

Tom's next public performance is on
26th September - back at Marabini's! He'll hope to see you there!