August Round-up

Tom Wyllie singing in Morpeth Market Place
Whilst Tom was busy in August - this wasn't reflected on this page! So, here is a quick round up of his public gigs last month.

The previous post made mention of Tom's performance in Morpeth Market Place on 3rd August, which seemed to go down well. Not only did he get lots of great feedback on the day, but he has subsequently received enquiries about purchasing further copies of "crescendo" and "Il Divino".

Hi we bought "Crecendo" a few weeks ago in the market place Morpeth. A real treat for us to stand and listen to Tom singing! We bought this CD and wish we had bought them both!                  
- Pat Davidson
Tom Wyllie Kielder

We are working on a face lift and re-launch of Tom's website, and very much hope to be able to make his CDs available for purchase online.

On both 10th and 24th August, Tom performed at The Boat Inn at Kielder, entertaining holidaymakers at Leaplish. He sang from all parts of his repertoire and was taking requests. Regulars won't be surprised that Tom ended the night with people up and dancing! They were great nights in a lovely setting. The summer season at Leaplish has drawn to a close, with the end of the school holidays, but Tom hopes to return to the Boat Inn again.

Tom Wyllie at Marabini September 2013
31st August saw Tom back at Marabini's once again! Marabinis is never dull, and there was a great atmosphere. Tom gave an extended set of his classical repertoire, and was in good form.

Tom Wyllie singing Happy Birthday at Marabini
Tom's family were there celebrating his Dad's birthday, so it was a great opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to his Dad, and put the traditional Sombrero on his head!

Tom's next public performance is on
26th September - back at Marabini's! He'll hope to see you there!

Tom launches IL Divino at Marabini's!

Tom Wyllie, Il Divino, with Giovanni Marabini
Last Saturday, Tom Wyllie was back at Marabini's. He hadn't sung there since September, as he had a number of private engagements during October.

Tom was able to take the opportunity to launch his new CD, Il Divino, named because that is what Giovanni, the proprietor of Marabini's, calls Tom.

Tom Wyllie with Sylvia Orrick
Also there on Saturday, was Sylvia Orrick, who has become Tom's most devoted fan. Her favourite song of Tom's has always been Il Divo's Nella Fantasia, which is featured on his new CD.
Sylvia later said "Super night again at Marabini’s, great selection of material and great audience participation.  Gold was particularly mad with that group at the back of the restaurant (joining in)!  Giovanni’s not wrong though – Il Divino is certainly a title you are well worthy of.
Your new CD was well worth the wait and contains a brilliant cross section of differing song types.  As you are probably aware there is one track in particular that still continues to reduce me to tears.  No prizes though for guessing which one that is

Tom is back at Marabini's this Saturday, 10th November, 2012.
For those interested in seeing him perform in
Eldon Square, another date has been booked today. Tom will be there between 2pm and 6pm on 27th November 2012. Don't forget to check all Tom's public gigs can be found here.

New CD is here!

Il Divino Cover
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, is pleased to announce that with effect from today, his new CD Il Divino will be available to buy where you see him sing!

This new offering has more of the "pop op", together with swing and pop. There are also a couple of duets. The first is with local radio presenter Anna Foster -
All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera, is just beautiful. Tom also sings Me and My Shadow with local singer Pete Brown, the pair of them clearly having fun whilst performing together.

Tom said "The new CD is so named because it is what Giovanni, owner of Marabini's in Morpeth has called me since I started singing for him! Giovanni really loves the more operatic part of my repertoire. That said, there is a variety of genre here, from Pop Op to Musical Theatre to Swing, Pop and Rock - genuinely something for everyone! But then, when I am booked to sing at functions I am often asked for the full range of my repertoire, as people love to listen to the more classical material early on, and then later like to get up for a dance. I can cover all this, and this is reflected in this new CD"

The first place you can buy Tom's CD will be at Marabini's this
Saturday 3rd November, 2012.

Last tweaks!

Editing with Sean
Tom was with Sean Taylor , his Sound Engineer, yesterday making a couple of last minute alterations to his new CD. Now Sean is producing the final master copy, which can then go to be replicated!

We will hopefully have a date when it will be available fairly soon now.

More news on Tom's new CD!

Tom Wyllie recording with Anna Foster Inlay
Yesterday, Tom (hopefully) had his last recording session. There are a couple of duets on the CD, and now, we can reveal for the first time, that one of the duets is with Anna Foster! You may recognise Anna as a well know local radio breakfast show presenter, but perhaps less well known is that she is a highly accomplished Soprano. Having heard the song, we can say that those who buy Tom's forthcoming second CD, are in for a real treat!

The race is on now, to get everything ready to produce the CD in time for Christmas. Watch this space for more news soon!

Recording again

For anyone wondering how Tom is getting along with recording, he was in the studio last night, and will be there again today.

No hints here yet as to what will be on the new CD, or what it will be called yet. There will be one or two surprises though, and we can say that where crescendo featured a high proportion of Musical Theatre songs, his new CD doesn't!

Tom Wyllie raises funds for Rotary Club International...

Tom Wyllie Eldon Square
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, performed today at Eldon Square, helping to raise funds for Rotary Club, Newcastle-upon-Tyne West. They are still counting the money! People took a welcome break from their Christmas shopping as they listened to him sing. He sprinkled some seasonal songs amongst some more classical songs - "Isabel", "Nella Fantasia" and a host of Musical Theatre favourites. "Bring Him Home" proved so popular he was asked to sing it four times, during a ninety minute set! Tom would like to thank the many people who donated to a good cause and stopped to wish him well. He would also like to thank the many people who bought his CD "crescendo" and hopes that they enjoy listening.

So many people stopped to offer feedback. One listener commented - "I could hear him singing and I had to rush up, because I thought it must be Joe McElderry! But it's not it's Tom, and he's even better!"

Another came and said how much she loves Alfie Boe, and when she heard "Bring Him Home", she came to check it wasn't him!

Tom Wyllie launches new CD - "crescendo"

Tom Wyllie presents his new CD to No1 fan
Today Tom Wyllie's new CD 'crescendo' was launched. First copy went to his "Number 1 Fan", Emma Djelil.

Tom said "I have been working on 'crescendo' since early summer, and I'm really excited to have it available for people to buy wherever I sing. I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it".

"Emma, her Mum and Dad, and brother Ali, are very good family friends, and have been really supportive and encouraging, and take a great interest in my developing career. They have been on a visit from Les Crouquets, their home and holiday gites in the Dordogne region of France, and I am delighted that they got the first copy!"

Tom opens "Curiously Wicked" Chocolatiers, Morpeth

Tom Wyllie sings to open Curiously Wicked, Sanderson Arcade, Morpeth
Congratulations to Curiously Wicked on opening their shop full of treats today. Tom thoroughly enjoyed
providing an expectant public with some entertainment prior to and just after the big moment at 11am. They seemed to enjoy it too! Thank you too, to all those who pre-ordered Tom's forthcoming CD. Not long to wait now!

Krystyna Dodds of Curiously Wicked said "As a trained musician myself, I was staggered by the purity and quality of Toms' voice when I first heard him sing and was honoured when he agreed to sing at our launch. The range and delivery of his performance is staggering and it's hard to believe that such an accomplished result comes from someone so young. Everyone thought he was marvellous and we had so many positive comments on the day and demands for his CD that orders needed to be taken! Needless to say, we bought two-one for the shop and one for home so that we could listen to him again and again. I firmly believe that Tom is a true star and that it's only a matter of time before he is discovered and given the opportunities he so deserves to bring his voice to the forefront internationally. Tom Wyllie will one day be a household name and we are so privileged to be one of the first to hear him perform. Thank you Tom."

New CD coming soon!

Tom Wyllie North East Singer crescendo

Tom Wyllie, the North East Baritone, has been working on a new CD, "crescendo", for audiences to buy, where they see Tom sing. He hopes to have this available from early November.