Tom at the Metrocentre

Tom Wyllie Sings for Toma Fund
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, performed today at the Metrocentre, Gateshead on behalf of the Children's Cancer Charity Toma Fund. He performed three sets, in between the Metrognome's Easter shows in Exhibition Square. He sang a selection of songs from his CD "crescendo", which was also on sale, with Tom contributing a portion of the sale proceeds to Toma Fund.

We're waiting to hear how much was raised, but thank you to everyone who contributed to this great charity, to those who left such warm feedback and to those who bought the CD! Particular thanks go to Sylvia and Peter Orrick, who spent the whole day in Exhibition Square. This was the third time they have seen Tom perform, and they helped out with the fundraising on the day. Tom dedicated "Nella Fantasia" to Sylvia as it is one of her favourite songs.

If you were there and would like to offer some feedback on Tom's performance, please let us know via the Contact Form and we'll post it on the website!

Another great night at Marabini's

blogEntryTopper Tom Wyllie, North East Singer at Marabini's, 17th March 2012 (3)
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, was back at Marabini's Ristorante again on Saturday night (17th March 2012). He performed a mix of Classical and Musical Theatre numbers, together with some swing and pop that got people up on their feet and dancing!

It has been Tom's practice recently to perform his audience favourites whilst introducing one or two new songs. Saturday was no different, and, of course his renditions of O Sole Mio, Isabel, Nella Fantasia and Parla Pui Piano went down really well. New songs for the night included 'Til I Hear You Sing (well - that was one he hadn't sung for ages!), Up Town Girl (Billy Joel), My Interpretation (MIKA) and, one of the highlights of the night - The Hand Jive (Grease). He invited two lady diners, to "duel" hand jive with him to great applause! It was another thoroughly enjoyable night.

Don't miss Tom's next appearances. Next one at Marabini's is on Saturday 5th May 2012, but you can see him too at Martha's Bar at The Vermont Hotel on Friday, 30th March 2012 and at The Metro Centre, Gateshead on Saturday 7th April 2012 (please see "Gig Dates" page)

Marabini's Gig Review

Tom Wyllie Sings at Marabini's Mar 2012
Tom sang at Marabini's Ristorante again last night, by special request. It was Rachel's 21st Birthday Party there last night - and a great night was had by all. Tom introduced a couplmore new songs into his repertoire again, including "O Sole Mio" and "I Love It When You Call" by The Feeling.
Thanks to everyone for making it a night to remember, including Rachel who got up and danced with Tom, and of course Giovanni and his fantastic staff!
Tom is back at Marabini's on Saturday 17th March 2012. It's a great venue with fantastic food and the famous Marabini's hospitality. Make your booking! - See more at:

Marabini's last night...

blogEntryTopper Tom Wyllie singing at Marabini's Mar 2012Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, was back at Marabini's Ristorante, Morpeth, last night. Following the success of his three nights over Christmas and New Year, this was the first of another run of three over as many weeks, and some diners had booked specially to see Tom. One couple, Mr & Mrs Orrick, who saw Tom perform in Eldon Square, Newcastle, just before Christmas, had booked to celebrate their 48th Wedding Anniversary. Tom was pleased to sing a song just for them to help celebrate such an impressive milestone! Tom would like to thank them again for their support and kind gift.
Indeed Tom was delighted to receive many compliments and enquiries last night, as he sang his mix of Classical and Musical Theatre, together with some swing and pop. He introduced some new songs (for Tom) which went down very well, including - just for Giovanni, Parla Plui Piano (from "The Godfather"). The night ended with people up and dancing to songs from Footloose, E.L.O. Take That and The Beatles.
Come and see Tom next at Marabini's on Friday 9th March 2012.

Valentine's Night at Sachin's

Sachins logo
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, performed at Sachin's Punjabi Restaurant again last night. Diners enjoyed Tom's performance and offered more great feedback. Thanks again for all those who took the time to let Tom know how much they enjoyed the night. Tom's next public performance is at Marabini's Ristorante in Morpeth on 3rd March 2012. Hope to see you there!

Last night at Marabini's….

Tom Wyllie, North East Singer at Marabibi's, 7th Jan 2012
Another great night was enjoyed on Saturday, by diners at Marabini's Ristorante in Morpeth. Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, had diners listening, singing and dancing to his repertoire, with many people offering some generous and positive feedback. Thank you to all those who took the time to let Tom know how much they had enjoyed his performance, including Giovanni himself:
"Congratulations Tom on your amazing recent performance at Marabinis restaurant, I am privileged to have you singing for me. What a wonderful, natural talent you have. Every one of my customers have passed their compliments for you."
Thanks too to Ed, Tom's brother who often (but not always!) goes unnoticed as Tom's "sound man". Watch out for Tom's next appearance at Marabini's - Saturday, 3rd March 2012.

Happy New Year!

Tom Wyllie and Kulmeet (Bob) Arora
Thanks to everyone at Sachins, and of course most especially Bob and Neeta. New Years Eve proved to be a great night, and by the end, Tom had everyone singing Hey Jude - they were "nah nah nah nahing" in full voice. He said "everyone seemed to appreciate the mix of songs, and enjoyed a lovely evening. I wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!" Tom hopes to be back at Sachins again soon.

Last night at Marabini's….

23rd Dec Marabini's 002
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, performed again last night at Marabinis Ristorante in Morpeth. He sang his usual mix, ranging from some more classical and Musical Theatre numbers to Swing and pop. Thanks to all the diners, who were complimentary about Tom's performance and those who bought CD's. By the end of the night Tom had the restaurant singing along to Take That, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles!
Tom will be back at Marabini's on Saturday, 7th January 2012. See you there!

Huge sum raised for Toma Fund in Eldon Square….

Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, Eldon Square for the Toma Fund
Tom Wyllie, North east Singer, performed yesterday at Eldon Square, helping to raise funds for the Toma Fund.

Tom said " It has been a real privilege to perform on behalf of such a worthwhile cause. Andrea, and all at the Toma Fund do an amazing job, and I am delighted to have been able to help. When Sue Lawrence asked me to help, I was delighted to be able to say yes! Andrea and Sue know, I will be pleased to hear from them if they feel I can be of help in the future."

Sue Lawrence, Fundraising Assistant, said "Thank you for performing yesterday. It was amazing, you have a talent there, and definitely have a future in singing. Andrea rang last night to say they had already counted £1,600 and hadn't finished counting the last pennies! That was all down to you."
And subsequently on Toma Fund website -
"Another HUGE thank you to Mr Tom Wyllie for helping us raise a fantastic £1,830 at our Eldon Square collection over Christmas. Tom sang his little heart out for Toma Fund all day and had the crowds stand back in amazement; this is quite simply because he is AMAZING."

The Christmas shoppers really seemed to appreciate Tom's performance, with many taking the time to stop and listen. Tom would like to thank everyone who bought his CD; he gave over £100 to the Toma Fund from the sales. He would also like to thank all the people who stopped to offer kind words of encouragement, and of course to all who gave so generously to the Toma Fund.

Tom Wyllie raises funds for Rotary Club International...

Tom Wyllie Eldon Square
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, performed today at Eldon Square, helping to raise funds for Rotary Club, Newcastle-upon-Tyne West. They are still counting the money! People took a welcome break from their Christmas shopping as they listened to him sing. He sprinkled some seasonal songs amongst some more classical songs - "Isabel", "Nella Fantasia" and a host of Musical Theatre favourites. "Bring Him Home" proved so popular he was asked to sing it four times, during a ninety minute set! Tom would like to thank the many people who donated to a good cause and stopped to wish him well. He would also like to thank the many people who bought his CD "crescendo" and hopes that they enjoy listening.

So many people stopped to offer feedback. One listener commented - "I could hear him singing and I had to rush up, because I thought it must be Joe McElderry! But it's not it's Tom, and he's even better!"

Another came and said how much she loves Alfie Boe, and when she heard "Bring Him Home", she came to check it wasn't him!

Tom opens "Curiously Wicked" Chocolatiers, Morpeth

Tom Wyllie sings to open Curiously Wicked, Sanderson Arcade, Morpeth
Congratulations to Curiously Wicked on opening their shop full of treats today. Tom thoroughly enjoyed
providing an expectant public with some entertainment prior to and just after the big moment at 11am. They seemed to enjoy it too! Thank you too, to all those who pre-ordered Tom's forthcoming CD. Not long to wait now!

Krystyna Dodds of Curiously Wicked said "As a trained musician myself, I was staggered by the purity and quality of Toms' voice when I first heard him sing and was honoured when he agreed to sing at our launch. The range and delivery of his performance is staggering and it's hard to believe that such an accomplished result comes from someone so young. Everyone thought he was marvellous and we had so many positive comments on the day and demands for his CD that orders needed to be taken! Needless to say, we bought two-one for the shop and one for home so that we could listen to him again and again. I firmly believe that Tom is a true star and that it's only a matter of time before he is discovered and given the opportunities he so deserves to bring his voice to the forefront internationally. Tom Wyllie will one day be a household name and we are so privileged to be one of the first to hear him perform. Thank you Tom."

Excerpt taken from NorthEastWino with thanks

Tom Wyllie at NW&FF
The excerpt, taken from http// read “.…Paul Raven of PortoVino took some convincing that it had actually been quite busy on the previous days (he’d been at another show in Manchester so was here for the first time) and even Sachins, who had done a roaring trade on the Friday and Saturday, were less than pleased at the low numbers. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though; Dennhöfer had sold a few bulk orders as had Proteas Wines, possibly people who’d been on the Saturday or Friday night were coming back on the Sunday to buy.

Further discussions were brought to a halt though when 18 year old Harry Potter lookalike Tom Wyllie started singing. Tom shall hereafter be referred to as “The Voice” as, for about half an hour, he enthralled the audience and vendors alike with a mix of Opera, Pop and Swing music receiving enthusiastic and well deserved applause – interestingly enough he’s now showing bookings on his web site from Curiously Wicked and Sachins, so it looks like the quiet Sunday footfall didn’t stop him doing good business!"