That was November, that was!

Tom Riverside
Well, November flew by quickly didn't it. Tom has had a busy month which included private functions as well as public gigs at la Torre in Bedlington, and Vercelli's in Hexham. If you have yet to try these restaurants, book a table when Tom is on - you are in for a treat!

Earlier in November, Tom had the great pleasure of singing for Rob and Sarah Thorpe at their Wedding Reception at The Riverside Lodge in Morpeth. Rob and Sarah make a lovely couple and have a terrific group of friends and family who made the night a great one for all concerned. Rob was kind enough to say afterwards:

Sarah and Rob Thorpe with Tom Wyllie North East Singer
“I have never been to an event where the dance floor was as consistently packed as it was at our wedding! Tom is a magnificent entertainer, whose energy and enthusiasm shines through. He really knows how to get the crowd dancing with a wide variety of songs to choose from, and to top it all he has a fabulous, pitch perfect voice!

Tom tailored his sets perfectly to suit our tastes, and even learnt two brand new songs for us in just a few weeks. He very kindly carried on long after he was supposed to finish, as everyone kept shouting for more!

As many people have since commented, Tom really did make the night, and he helped make our wedding day extremely special. We can't thank him highly enough, and would recommend him to anybody!”

Their photographer was a guy by the name of Mike Brown, who is fast becoming known in Northumberland for his great work. The photo of Tom at the top of this article was taken by Mike - watch out for more of his work on this website! Mike is such a nice guy we can heartily recommend him for weddings, family sittings, portraits - anything really! Check out his
Facebook page.

Anyway, that's enough for now. We look forward to seeing you all in December in the run up to Christmas. Next stop is
Marabini's on Friday 5th December.