Morpeth Market Place

22082015 Morpeth Market Place
Saturday saw Tom return to Morpeth Market Place for the second of his summer concerts there. As ever, everybody was very kind and welcoming, and he had a blast! He tried out one or two new songs on his audience this time, mixed in with some favourites. The weather was kind, and despite the forecast of thunder, it held off and we even saw a little sunshine. We'd like to thank everyone for their company and comments both in person and on "Morpeth Matters" - they are much appreciated and we are glad you enjoyed Tom's performance. Thanks too to all who bought his Cd(s), and to those who wished the had - you can buy them on this website, so it's not too late!!

Tom Wyllie Morpeth 22082015_1
If you enjoyed Morpeth Market Place, why not come along to Horton Grange Country House Hotel for one of Tom's gigs there? Enjoy some fine dining and Tom's Classical / Musical Theatre / Easy Listening Repertoire. He has regular gigs there, and the dates can be found here. In the meantime, his next public appearances are at La Torre in Bedlington on Friday 28th Aug and Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge on Saturday 29th Aug. Book your table now and get ready for some fun!

Tom is diggin' Davanti Italia!

Tom Wyllie singing at Davanti Italia on 5th June
June has seen Tom perform twice at Davanti Italia - on both occasions to a wonderful audience. Thank you to the many of you who took the time and trouble to tell Tom or us just how much you enjoyed his performances - it really means a lot. Thank you too to those of you who bought one or other or both of his CD's. We hope it keeps you going until the next time you see him perform! Finally, thank you to the staff at Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge. They have been warm and welcoming from the moment Tom walked through their door, and special mention must go to Ben and Karim, who have been enjoying Tom's gigs there so much, they decided that when Tom sings there, they want to wear Tom Wyllie, North East Singer logo'd shirts!

At both gigs, Tom began with a bit of Classical Music (it always seems to surprise and delight in equal measure) before cranking things up, and eventually having the restaurant singing and dancing the night away. A highlight was watching Tom lead a conga around the restaurant on Friday! On happy diner told us that it was a better night than New Year's Eve!

So, why the "diggin" in the title? Well, there are many sides to our Tom, and he punctuated the two Whitley Lodge gigs with a week up at Bamburgh, participating in the Bamburg Research Project Archaeological dig. He was digging within the walls of the castle, and he chose a fantastic week for weather. They unearthed various anglo-saxon artefacts - ask Tom when you see him next, it's fascinating stuff. But if music is what you are after - you will be pleased to know, he will be returning to Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge on Fridays 29th August and 5th September. Book your tables now! If that is too long to wait, he will be performing at Davanti Classico in Tynemouth on Friday 7th August. If that is still too long to wait, then he is on at La Torre in Bedlington this Friday 26th June, and at Vercelli's in Hexham on Saturday 4th July.

Always a great night at Vercelli!

Tom Wyllie North East Singer singing at Vercelli May 15
It is becoming a habit! Last night was another great gig at Vercelli's, Hexham. Better still, it was like a reunion, with a number of regulars who had missed the last one or two of Tom's gigs there, returning. Thank you to everyone who came along and made it the night it was. Louise had been away to London and returned whilst Tom was singing. Was she pleased to come in with Tom singing? The photo says it all!!

Tom's next couple of public gigs are at Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge. After the great success of his first one at the beginning of the month, we hope to see lots of you there on Fridays 5th and 19th June - ready to party!

New venue, old friends

Tom Wyllie at Davanti Italia
Friday saw Tom make his debut in a new venue - the excellent Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge. This restaurant has been open for about eighteen months, and, like it's sister restaurants in Whitley Bay and Tynemouth, serves superb italian food, in friendly and classy surroundings. The staff enjoy making their customers' meal an "event". So Tom had been looming forward to performing there.

He couldn't have wished for a better reception. Customers and staff alike were generous in their appreciation - checkout the comments on Tom's testimonial page, which were made via e-mail, Facebook and Trip Advisor. Thank you to all who were there on the night - you made it thoroughly enjoyable. For example Anne Bell posted on Davanti Italia's Facebook page:

“Fantastic atmosphere, gorgeous food and awesome entertainment by Tom Wyllie.
What a brilliant night it was like being on holiday everyone singing and dancing. Tom sings just about everything and what a great voice.”

Our thanks to Pino, Ben, Karim and of course Giovanni (who we have missed these last twelve to eighteen months at Marabini's) and all the staff. For everyone who enjoyed the night, and for those who wish they hadn't missed it, Tom will be back at Davanti Italia, Whitley Lodge on Friday 5th June and Friday 19th June. So, get your tables booked for what promise to be a couple of great nights!

In addition, we are pleased to announce that Tom will be returning to Horton Grange Country House Hotel in September and October. After a successful night in April, the lovely people at Horton Grange, have invited Tom back, and you can come along for "An Evening with Tom Wyllie" on Friday 11th September and Saturday 31st October. At Horton Grange, Tom tends to focus more on his Classical, Musical Theatre and Easy Listening repertoire - so if that takes your fancy, come and enjoy an evening of fine dining and music!

In the meantime, Tom's next public gig is at Vercelli's in Hexham on Saturday 30th May. It does book up fast so, reserve your table now - everyone has a wonderful night at Vercelli's!