Throwing a new light on Tom's sound man!

Ed Wyllie the drummer
Most people who have seen Tom Wyllie perform, will know that, most of the time, one of the unsung heroes in the performance, is his brother, and sound man, Ed. 

It has to be said, Ed does a great job, and as long as you keep him fed and watered there are few complaints!

Perhaps fewer people are aware that Ed is an accomplished musician in his own right. He is a talented drummer, and is an integral part of local band, Hakara.
Ed Wyllie drumming for Hakara

Last Saturday, 20th October, 2012, Hakara were the headline band, playing at Newcastle University in the Students Union. The band play both covers, and quite a lot of their own material, written in the large part by front man Connor Robson. On base guitar is Reuben, with Greeny making up the four, also on guitar.

Check them out on Youtube, they are getting quite a following, and we're all very proud of Ed, but hope that the band's success won't stop him from performing sound man duties for Tom!

Hakara are on at Newcastle University again on 8th December, 2012 supporting Futurelights.

Tom performs without right hand man

Tom was on form again last night at Marabini's, receiving lots of warm comments. He was performing without his brother, Ed, who is currently away in France, enjoying the sun! Ed, usually works the sound for Tom, but is on a well earned holiday. Although away, Ed's band Hakara featured in Friday's Evening Chronice - read the article here.

Tom performed his unique mix of Classical, Popular and Swing Music for diners, who enjoyed another great night. You can catch him there again on Saturday, 25th August 2012