Congratulations to Mandy and Lee

Tom Wyllie with Mandy and lee Shields, Hall Garth Hotel
Our warm congratulations to Mandy and Lee Shields, who were married on Friday! Tom provided the evening entertainment at the fabulous Hall Garth Hotel and Country Club, near Darlington.

Not only did Tom provide some two and a half hours of live entertainment, but he also provided eighties music through his PA system, whilst he wasn't singing. In addition he provided stage and dance floor lighting to set the mood for a memorable evening.

Mandy and Lee, were heading straight off on their honeymoon, but Lee did say that Tom's entertainment had exceeded their expectations - 'we couldn't have asked for better". We of course wish them a wonderful honeymoon and life together.

Tom Wyllie, Hall Garth Hotel, Lights
For anyone considering booking their wedding entertainment, Tom can provide a very attractive package, with live entertainment, music and lights. Whilst he certainly doesn't proclaim to provide a full DJ service, the personal touch he offers makes for a wonderful evening of entertainment.