Merry Christmas!

Tom Wyllie - 004
A slightly belated Merry Christmas to one and all!
As some of you may know, not everything went to plan!

Tom picked up a virus, which caused him to lose his voice, and was unable to sing in Eldon square on 21st and 22nd December. This came as  big disappointment, to us, and of course meant he couldn't raise much needed funds for TOMA Fund on those days.

He did perform for Rotary Club, Newcastle West, in Eldon Square on 18th of December.

Eve Simpson
Eve Simpson, 13, joined him. Eve is a talented young musician, who Tom met at the UK Festival4Stars National Final in Runcorn last month. She accompanied herself on guitar, and entertained with a diverse set, ranging from Christmas songs, to Coldplay and Jessie J! Watch out for Eve in the future!

Together, Tom and Eve raised nearly £400 in about an hour and a half.

Happily, Tom rested his voice and is fully recovered and raring to go on New Year's Eve - his next public performance.

New Eldon Square dates added...

toma fund
For those interested in seeing Tom in Eldon Square, he has added a couple of extra dates. His first one for Toma Fund will now be on Tuesday, 27th November from about 2:20pm. Of course he is also performing four other dates for Toma Fund, so the full list of dates is: Tues, 27th Nov; Fri, 7th Dec; Sat, 8th Dec; Fri, 21st Dec and Sat, 22nd Dec

Tom will also be performing at Eldon Square on behalf of Rotary International (Newcastle upon Tyne West) on  Tuesday 18th December, between 6pm and 8pm.

We hope you can come along and support these very worthwhile charities. See you there!

See the
Gigs page for full details.

Tom Wyllie raises funds for Rotary Club International...

Tom Wyllie Eldon Square
Tom Wyllie, North East Singer, performed today at Eldon Square, helping to raise funds for Rotary Club, Newcastle-upon-Tyne West. They are still counting the money! People took a welcome break from their Christmas shopping as they listened to him sing. He sprinkled some seasonal songs amongst some more classical songs - "Isabel", "Nella Fantasia" and a host of Musical Theatre favourites. "Bring Him Home" proved so popular he was asked to sing it four times, during a ninety minute set! Tom would like to thank the many people who donated to a good cause and stopped to wish him well. He would also like to thank the many people who bought his CD "crescendo" and hopes that they enjoy listening.

So many people stopped to offer feedback. One listener commented - "I could hear him singing and I had to rush up, because I thought it must be Joe McElderry! But it's not it's Tom, and he's even better!"

Another came and said how much she loves Alfie Boe, and when she heard "Bring Him Home", she came to check it wasn't him!

Tom Wyllie to perform in Eldon Square, Newcastle….

Tom Wyllie North East Singer
North East Singer, Tom Wyllie, is to perform at Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, on Wednesday 7th December 2011. He will be located between John Lewis and Boots, and will be singing between 10.30am and 11.30am, performing a mix of Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop Ballads and, no doubt a festive sprinkling of seasonal cheer!

He looks forward to seeing you there!