Tom has recorded four CD's which are available to buy, where you see him sing…..

Well I would just like to thank Tom Wyllie for setting my day today. Was driving this morning listening to your cd and cried all the way - but in a good way it's brill!
Michelle O'Shea
Hi, we bought "Crecendo" a few weeks ago in the Market Place Morpeth. A real treat for us to stand and listen to Tom singing! We bought this CD and wish we had bought them both! Well done we have enjoyed your voice very much.
Ken & Pat Davidson

Visit Tom's new shop. You can now buy his CD's online!

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Buy Tom's CD's online
Tom's CD's available to buy here!
"Party time, it’s great, hands in the air, let’s sing, wonderful.. Ho yes did I tell you I like it."
- David Lavarack
"Loved it!"
- Kathryn Lavarack
Tom's new CD - Breath - is out now. Made up entirely of songs from some of his favourite musicals, this CD is such a treat. His first two CD's, "Crescendo" and "Il Divino" mixed Popular Classical/Musical Theatre with some more upbeat, popular numbers. Breath is a departure from that model, but don't worry, his latest CD "Breathless" (see above) has plenty of upbeat music to keep your feet tapping!
"Just listened to your new CD "Breath". It is really, really lovely. The tunes you have chosen bring back so many happy memories and, because of your singing, brings them right up to date. Thank you so much."
- Margaret Gittins
"Breathing control amazing, I have never heard anyone sing without hearing a huge intake of breath at some point until BREATH. Wonderful stuff Tom."
- Kathryn Lavarack
Tom's first CD (Nov 2011) - "crescendo" - is available wherever you hear him sing.

He has always had a love of musical theatre, and in this compilation, the genre features prominently. “crescendo” has a collection of some of the best known songs from musical theatre – together with some which he simply enjoys. With 17 tracks, there is something for everyone!

He hopes you enjoy listening!

"Caught your performance on 20 December when passing through Eldon Square. Absolutely blown away, like so many of the others listening, by the power and clarity of your voice and bought your crescendo CD in consequence. Already much listened to and not a weak track on it - brilliant.If I don't see you soon on National TV there is no justice in the world. You must have a huge future in entertaining ahead of you and I wish you every success for the future. What a find you really are."
- Sylvia Orrick, email after the Toma Fund performance

"I'm Gobsmacked!"
- George, Merseyside

"I'm just blown away!"
- James, Northumberland

"Tom, you have a very special gift and MUST go far. The range of your voice is incredible and the clarity spellbinding. I have to say it brought a tear to my eye and it gave me goosebumps.

Good luck to you from the bottom of my heart you so deserve to get a lucky break."
- Sara, Colver-Smith, visiting from Nr Cirencester

Tom's second CD (Nov 2012) - "Il Divino" - has been produced, in response to those who have loved his first CD and demanded more! Tom's repertoire has grown considerably over the last twelve months, and he has become known for his "Pop Op", Il Divo covers, which feature here, as well as the great variety of his act.

There are also a couple of collaborations. One a duet with Anna Foster, Radio Presenter and Soprano, and another with local singer, Pete Brown. Once again, the CD contains 17 tracks, ranging from the full on "Nessun Dorma", the beautiful "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", "Nella Fantasia" (IL Divo and from the film "The Mission") to "All I Ask of You" with Anna, "Me and My Shadow" with Pete. From "Regresa A Mi" (Il Divo - Unbreak My Heart) to "Mr Bojangles" to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and even MIKA's "My Interpretation", and much more. There really is plenty for everyone on this fantastic new offering.

For those who are wondering, the CD is so named because Il Divino, is what Giovanni Marabini calls Tom when he sings for him!

"I bought both your cd's which I love as they have a lovely balance of classical and modern. My grandson Patrick (8 years old) bought one of your cd's and plays it each night when he goes to bed. I'm looking forward to hearing you again. Good luck for the future. "
- Gay Penn, Morpeth, Northumberland

"We've been listening to Tom on the way home. Great CD and fab entertainment last night!”
- Thalia O’Hanlon via Facebook

Tom Wyllie is a young Baritone from North East England. He is available to hire for your event, wedding, restaurant or charity fundraiser. His Musical Theatre and Classical Crossover repertoire will leave you spellbound. Then he will have you up and dancing to round off the party!

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