Cramlington Freestyle Karate Club

Rock and Rat Pack

Tom at the Hind
Last night, Tom was performing at The Hind, in Cramlington.The night encompassed the full range of genre from heavy rock, through Rat Pack, Musical Theatre, Pop and even Opera!

The Gig was Party Night for Cramlington Karate Club, and featured Blackjack Rock and of course Tom. Blackjack are a talentented band, who play covers of bands such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Free.... Not perhaps the first band you might think of to complement Tom's repertoire! But what they do, they do really well, and if this is your kind of music, then go along to one of their gigs - you won't be disappointed.

In fact, it turns out that the band and Tom have more in common than you might think. Tony St John, Tom's singing coach, also coaches Blackjack, helping them with their harmonising.

After Blackjack's first set, Tom took over singing songs from the full variety of genre that he sings, but after sitting through the band's first set, people were ready to get up and dance. Robin Harper-Coulson of Cramlington Karate Club, and organiser of the night said afterwards -

"Thanks Tom, what a night and what a contrast, both acts that were on were brilliant, one very heavy rock and your vocal set. I still can't believe that you sang for an hour and a half, danced and moved the audience so much without any errors, bum notes or missed lyrics. Thank you for at the last minute taking requests for songs and again were note perfect. I hope you spotted that 10 seconds into your first song that the audience who had never danced as yet were on their feet dancing and joining in with you.

I know on the night you received lots of feedback from the audience, especially about the opera. I think you should change you Facebook status about employment to professional singer as it can be only a matter of time before you are spotted and taken away from us to a wider audience.

Thank you again from us all

No need to add much more than that, other than to say thanks to Robin, the Karate Club members, and of course Blackjack!

Tom is on tonight at Marabini's, and looks forward to seeing everyone there. As ever, the restaurant is fully booked, so too late to suggest anyone comes along, but check out Tom's Gig list, as he'll be there again before long!