Tom sings in Alnwick Garden

Tom Wyllie Alnwick Garden1r
Tom was singing today at Alnwick Garden, in the cafe to be precise. He was there between 1pm and 2:45pm, and entertained visitors whilst they relaxed over lunch. Thankfully, it has been a dry, and quite mild day today in Alnwick, so there were people about to stop and listen to Tom, and some took the time to say how much they enjoyed his work. Thank you!

Tom Wyllie Alnwick Garden2r
It’s a lovely venue, of course, the garden is one of Northumberland’s “jewels”, and even in February, they are looking fabulous. Tom hopes to return there in the future. Meanwhile, you can catch Tom this Friday evening at Marabini’s in Morpeth, from about 8:30pm. See you there!

A Flurry of Fairs

Tom Wyllie Fayre Photo r
These last two weekends, Tom has been exhibiting and performing at Wedding Fairs in the region. He is one of the recommended suppliers at Doxford Hall Hotel - in fact their only recommended singer, something he feels is a real privilege at such a fabulous venue. On Sunday 9th February, Tom was at their Wedding Fair, a busy day, with lots of couples visiting, some making their booking on the day.

Tom Wyllie Fayre Photo 1r
Yesterday saw Tom exhibit in the Wedding Show at Tiger Tiger in Newcastle upon Tyne. Again, Tom was able to sing for many of the visitors, and he drew praise from both visitors and exhibitors alike. It is worth saying, that Tom isn’t able to demonstrate his “performance” at these events, because he is always mindful of the other exhibitors, and their need to talk to prospective clients. Visitors do get a flavour of Tom’s unwavering ability to hit every note. Yesterday, there must have been an issue with the air conditioning, and, as the afternoon went on he did go upbeat to “Copacobana” and even “500 Miles” to help exhibitors move about a bit and keep warm!

These last two events did get us thinking, that Tom has got to know some excellent suppliers for weddings and events, and that, where we have been impressed, we should provide a link on our website -
a list of our own recommended suppliers, which could help guide Tom’s clients. These will only be exceptional suppliers, who, in our opinion will provide an excellent service, and of course, will not be exhaustive - there are many suppliers out there whose path has not yet crossed with Tom’s!

Finally, yesterday afternoon saw Tom featured on Radio Tyneside’s “Geordie Hour”. Gary Hogg featured his duet with Anna Foster - “All I Ask Of You” - and promised more from Tom in the coming weeks. If you missed the show yesterday, it is repeated on Wednesdays on Radio Tyneside at 9pm on 1575AM.

If you are having withdrawal from Tom’s performing - you can catch him this week at lunchtime on
Wednesday at Alnwick Garden Cafe or on Friday evening at Marabini’s in Morpeth.

Happy Birthday Tom!

Ed Wyllie on the mic
Tom was back at Marabini’s on Friday Night, and our thanks to all those who booked a table to come and help celebrate his 21st birthday. Those of you who weren’t there - you missed a great night! There was a table hosted by Tom’s swimming coach, (who claims credit for Tom’s amazing lung capacity!), and one from Doxford Hall Hotel, as well as others incorporating friends and family. Many of the tables were supplied with party poppers, so that when Ed - Tom’s brother (and sound technician) took the microphone from him and suggested we all sing Happy Birthday and “let rip” with the party poppers - Marabini’s sounded like an accident in a fireworks factory!
Tom Wyllie covered in birthday streamers

Tom Miguel Giovanni and Nicola
Although Tom was of course working, it was a great way to celebrate his birthday, and the party went on well into the night. Thanks to all who came along, we hope you had a good night. Tom will be back at Marabini’s on 21st February, or, before then, catch him over half term at Alnwick Garden Cafe between 1pm and 2:40pm on Wednesday 19th February.